Out of 50% people in Nigeria are under 15 and around 75% under depicting to be the country having youngest people in the world.


Majority of West African countries suffer technical, scientific and skill oriented trainings which becoming inefficient to harness youth power. Small groups of youth from rural areas started migrating in empowering themselves to get jobs and to feed their family.


So, govt. of Nigeria is started DFSA program (Development Food Security Assistance) having an objective to develop entrepreneurial skills in youth.



Under this youth were given many trainings on smart composting ( Aerobic water vapour composting), fodder chopping training to feed livestock, on fruit gardening, nursery management of fruit trees, integrated pest management and many other forms of agriculture.


These helped them to lay a foundation stone to empower themselves and earn for livelihood. Recently by smart composting, 4.9 tones of compost is harvested and hoping for harvesting 20-25 tones of compost and sell @ 0.09 US dollar/kg of compost making their lives better.



This composting more advantageous over traditional composting as it requires 90% less water and less labour and compost will be ready by 45 days. This helps in two ways development. One is by providing market for seller and other is enriching their fields and inturn improves yield to get lucrative returns for farmers.


In the same way, fodder chopping machines are installed by a group of people wherein customers get their fodder chopped @ the rate of US dollar 1/bag helping them to reduce the fodder wastage.


Apart from these there are many agro based techniques are equipped in youth of Nigeria making their live sustainable.