The most important phase that a hydroponic beginners deals with, is the best suitable crops to be grown in hydroponics system. This question bothers people a lot. Then people start taking opinions from Google and experts. Look, we can grow any crops in hydroponics. Growing the crop is not a big deal, the big thing is to manage it well and get better production. The first thing is that hydroponics is just like aquaculture, not every crop thrives well in hydroponics context. The matter of think is that if we plant any crop in soil and that gives better result than hydroponics. then why plant whose types of crops in hydroponics.  


However, if we talk of Indian context, there are lots of crops which can be easily cultivated in hydroponics and also provides high yield and better quality.


In hydroponics farming we mainly grow exotic vegetables and leafy greens, herbs, some flowers and some fruits. However, in Indian context exotic vegetables, leafy greens and some herbs are particularly grown in hydroponics. It doesn’t matter in which environment you are cultivating your crop, indoor or outdoor but there should be a controlled protected environment for its better production. Sunlight, water, air, root system and nutrient management is pre requisite for a success hydroponics farm.


After lots of researches and field trail it has been proven that growing crops hydroponically is more profitable and economical than other traditional farming.


So, here is the list of best suitable crops for hydroponics in Indian context:


Explanation of hydroponics grown crops 

Hydroponics grown tomato


Tomato is the most commonly grown hydroponic plants. Traditional and cherry tomato is commonly practiced both indoor and greenhouse condition.


Tomato is mainly grown in dutch bucket and substrate hydroponics in commercial greenhouse.


Tomato crop require more light, so if you want to grow it indoor, then get ready to invest on artificial lighting.


Drip irrigation is best suited for hydroponics tomatoes.


Tomato can be grown all around the year so continuously grow and enjoy your tomatoes.

Grow it in commercial greenhouse for more profit.


The optimum temperature needed for tomato farming should be between 18  to 27 degree Celsius.


Recommended varieties for hydroponic tomato : 

Hydroponics grown cucumber


Cucumber is a very famous crop among hydroponics growers. There are different sizes and many types of cucumber are available in market. All grow very easily in hydroponics system.


Cucumber cultivation is mainly practiced under greenhouse environment and also grows at home.


Cucumber is a warm season crop. It requires optimum amount of temperature, water and light source

If we provide controlled environment to cucumber plants. It  will give quick harvest and also higher yield.


Drip irrigation is best suitable for hydroponic cucumber.


Cucumber plants require support with large trellis or wire cage.


Recommended varieties for hydroponic cucumber

Hydroponics grown capsicum


Capsicum or pepper requires same hydroponics growing conditions like tomato. It is one of the most profitable crop practiced under protected environment. Color capsicum farming has become a trending agri-business now-a-days.


The duration of capsicum crop is 2-4 months.


You can cultivate it by both seed and buying seedling from local nurseries.


The optimum temperature needed for capsicum crop is 16 to 25 degree Celsius. For better growth and improving fruit production raise the night and decrease the day temperature.


Drip irrigation is best suited for it.


Recommended varieties : 

Hydroponics grown lettuce


Lettuce is the most perfect salad ingredients to make your plate more nutritious. Lettuce is common viggie among hydroponics grower that usually practiced all around the year.


Lettuce has a super market in India because of its high nutritional value and used in junk foods like sandwiches, berger, pizza, rolls etc.


Lettuce is super fast and easy to take care in the hydroponic system.


It requires less space. One can easily grow it at home in NFT ( Nutrient film technique) hydroponics system.


The optimum temperature required for lettuce is 20 to 27 degree Celsius.


In the initial stage beginners can start with NFT (Nutrient film technique) at home, then move to DWC (Deep water culture) greenhouse conditions.


Recommended varieties for hydroponic lettuce 

Hydroponics grown strawberry


Generally, it’s not easy to grow fruits in hydroponics system but strawberry is exceptional to this rule.


Strawberries are perfect for hydroponics. NFT (Nutrient film technique) is best suited for strawberry.  It grows very easily at your place.


Interested people must try this delicious fruit farming and take the enjoyment of berries with your family just growing it a your home.


Strawberry is a cold season crop. It requires a optimum temperature of 15 to 27 degree Celsius. The day time should be around 20 degree Celsius for better growth and development.


Recommended varieties for hydroponic strawberry : 

Hydroponics grown kale


Kale is generally grown in NFT (Nutrient film technique) and DWC (Deep water culture).


Kale is one of the most healthiest and nutritious green vegetables that we can enjoy its outstanding flavor by growing it at our place with hydroponics and aquaponics.


Kale is cool season crop. It will grow super fast and easily thrive in hydroponic system.


The optimum temperature required for kale is 18 to 22 degree Celsius and RH (Relative humidity) should be 55 to 65%. 

Hydroponics grown basil


Basil is a herbal plant belongs to mint family. It tastes sweet, strong and pungent. It smells very amazing. It is the most commonly herbs grow in hydroponics.


Basil is cold season crop. It requires a optimum temperature of 18 to 21 degree Celsius.


The major issue about basil is, it requires about  11 hours of sunlight. If you are planning to grow basil at home then you have to invest a little bit on growing light.


NFT or drip hydroponics system is best suited for it. 

Hydroponics grown spinach


Spinach is the most commonly sown crop in hydroponics. It is also a cold season crop.


It requires a optimum temperature of 17 to 20 degree Celsius. The temperature shouldn’t be more than 27 degree Celsius.


Spinach grows best in NFT and DWC hydroponic types. 

Hydroponics grown chives


Chives are the member of Allium or onion family.


The best chives variety to be grown in hydroponics are garlic chives, Chinese chives and common chives.


Chives grow all around the year in hydroponic system. It requires a long day length sunlight and grow lights.


It grows well in Ebb and flow hydroponic system.


Chives grow  quickly and maintenance is very low. 

Hydroponics grown Mint


Mint is also a common plant to be grown in hydroponics unit. Four types of mint mostly sown are spearmint, peppermint,  penny royal mint and lemon mint.


There are various display colors of mint, which is from grey to dark green, blue to purple, green and purple.


It uses less space and easy to maintain and operate.


It can be grown on almost all types of hydroponics system and the optimum temperature needed is 15 to 25 degree Celsius.