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Srishti Goswami, daughter of Haridwar is all set to take over the chair of Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for one day on National Girl Child Day, 24 January. Started from 2008 the National Girl Child Day is celebrated, every year on 24 January to praise awareness on gender-based prejudice. This day was initiated by Ministry of Women & Child Development in 2008.

After getting approval from current CM Trivendra Singh Rawat, Srishti will operate from the state's summer capital, Gursain. Srishti will take a deep view on different schemes & programs run by the state government. Projects that will be reviewed are Atal Aayushman Scheme, Smart City Project, the tourism department's Homestay Scheme and other development programs.

Who is Sristi Goswami?

Daughter of Mr. Praveen Goswami & Mrs. Sudha Goswami. Her father owns a small shop & her mother is an Anganwadi worker.

Shrishti is currently pursuing BSc. Agriculture degree from BSM PG College, Roorkee. She is in 7th semester now. In 2018, She appointmented as the Chief Minister of Bal Vidhan Sabha of Uttarakhand. She had also participated in various International Girl Leadership events.

Why Shrishti? Reason behind this

Although, this initiative is comparing with bollywood movie 'Nayak' Where a common person lead with accountability as the CM of Maharashtra for one day. However, this is not the first time when an Indian girl lead as a leadership responsibility for a day.

A 18-year-Girl Chaitanya Venkateswaran from Delhi pursued as British High Commissioner for a day on International Day of Girl Child in October. And there are lots of examples of women empowerment from India.

Such opportunities help new generation girl youth to build up confidence and believe that women can also grow up to be leaders. Many research has shown that these types of movement will bring a change in society that womens are not less than men. These icons like Srishti will also inspire other girls to fly high & touch the heights.


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I am proud you my sister.


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Yes... proud moment.


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I am proud of you shrishti.