Study of soil formation is known as


Enemy insect of gajar grass (pyrathium histeroferous)

Zygogramma bicolorata

Which fruit is known as Poor’s orange


which plant is known as Biodiesel plant ?


Blind ploughing is related with crop?

Sugar cane

Dapog seedling is related with?


Oil percent in groundnut?

45% to 47%

Horticulture word is derived from

Latin language.

Soil word is originated from?

Latin word Solum

Ratio of minerals ,organic matter , Air, water respectively

45 : 5 : 25 : 25 respectively

Direction of air flow is measured by

Wind vane

Intensity of Air flow is measured by


Electrical conductivity of acidic soil is?

4 or more dS/m (at 25°c)

pH of acidic soil?

8.5 or less

Acidic resistance wheat varieties are?

Kalyan Sona, KRL1-4, RAJ 3077,RAJ1972 etc

Seed rate of sunn hemp for green manuring?

60 to 80 kg per ha

Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria are?

Bacillus megaterium , Pseudomonas striata etc

NADAP composting given by

Technical farmer Nadep kaka of maharastra

Which gas is released from paddy crop

CH4, methane gas

Root knot disease caused by

Meloidogyne incognita

Trade name of pesticides mancozeb

Dithane m 45

Greening disease in citrus caused by


Nuclear seed are growing by

Breeders of research institute

Isolation distance of potato for foundation seed production _____

5 metre

Poor man’s meat is


National seed corporation establish in


Bio 902 is the variety of


First hybrid variety of rice

PRH 10

Father of weed science

Jethro tull

Variety of noble sugarcane is

Sacchuram officinarum

CRI stage of wheat found after ______days of sowing


Miracle rise is the variety of

Indian rice

First weed control through organic method

Lantena camara

Author of famous book 'silent spring' 1962 is

Rachel Carson

commonly used Biofertilizer in paddy crop

Azolla and blue green algae

Calcium and sulphur percentage in gypsum

Calcium 29.2 % and sulphur 18.6%

Horse hoeing husbandry book written by

Jeothro tull

Which crop is known as camel cops


French fries making from which potato variety

Kufri faysona

Yellow colour of maize is due to


First transgenic crop was

Tobacco (1987)

Father of horticulture

William Carey

Father of soil science

Vaily Vasil'evich Dokucheava

Dwarf gene of barley

U Z U  gene

National horticulture board was established in

1984, Gurgaon

Bordeaux mixture given by scientist

PMA millardet

Which state of India is known as bowl of oil seeds


Fruit type of cumin

Schizocarpic fruit

King of weed is

Gajar Grass

Scientific name of sesam

Sesamum indicum

National research institute for mustard

Sewar (bharatpur) rajsthan

Sowing of maize  in the direction of

Sunrise to sunset

Vegetative propagation method of weed motha


National Research Institute for  Weedicide

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Loss percentage through weeds in India

25 to 30 %

Which elements shows deficiency symptoms on topical buds

Calcium and boron

Which element is known as energy currency


Toxicity of phosphorus affect the uptake of

Iron and zinc

Soil composition ratio of minerals, organic matter, soil water and soil air

45: 5:25:25 respectively

Oil percentage in groundnut

45 to 47 percent

Maize is a

C4 plant




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First hybrid variety of rice Krh-1 h but esme prh10 de rhi h jo galat h.

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