Do you have uncultivated a waste barren land could not convert into profitable business in agriculture? Then this article is for you read on…….....


I would say Bamboo cultivation is the best idea because it suits in slightly acidic soil as it doesn't ask for much care and nourishment after two years of development. India is having 90 million hectare of waste land which can be greatly used in this way which provide occupation to many.


Bamboo is susceptible for water logging and it is a invasive nutrient feeder. So, it is better to adopt drip irrigation and fertilizers are applied during its initial growth and development. Fencing is must during the initial months to prevent from the wild boar. As it is fond of juicy rhizomes. It cost around 2 lakhs for fencing and drip irrigation per acre.


Even growing of bamboo nodes in a pot at your backyard are in a container lines on bamboo is also a profitable business. Because at least one can fit 200 plants/acre but in high density planting (Bambusabalcooa - Beema bamboo) nearly 2,000 plants can per acre can be grown.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant in the world growing  910 mm  per day. Chinese bamboo grow 90 feet height in just five weeks.


Harvesting starts from 5th onwards and earning too. Every year it gives out at 8 to 10 shoots in Beema bamboo at the end of 5th year it yielded 60 tonnes per acre. So, earning from 2 lakh investment to >10 lakh profit.


Bamboo is having both cold and hot treatments in order to control termites. In cold treatment, soak bamboo timber for one week in  10% borax cold water so that it resist termites and live lasts for 30 more years. 


Beema bamboo is developed from the tissue culture which is sterile and last forever unlike flowering bamboo. It is best for commercial cultivation. Bamboo is a best plant to make country carbon neutral. On an estimation, it absorbs nearly 400 kg of carbon dioxide per year which has great impact on reducing carbon footprint.


India  is the second  largest producer and exporter of bamboo next to China. There is a great scope for  Bamboo in the market that is used  for incense stick (agarbatti) industry, paper industry furniture making, for construction, for making many household accessories like baskets. It can easily replace our plastic cutlery, single use bags, plastic toothbrush, one can make musical instruments like flute and others. It can also be used for flooring, scaffolding, fence posts, for bicycle frames etc.


Therefore, this green gold have calibre to turn lives sustainable and  in turn make country better.


©Meghana D P, MSc (Agri), Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab


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Jan 09, 2021 10:33 pm

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