Are you a green thumb? As a gardener, there are various ways to keep insects out of your garden in order to protect plants and your family. One of those technique is as green as it can be.

It is not always possible that all plants are favourable to insects. There are lots of plants hate insects. Insect repellent plants help to keep your garden plants free from harmful insects. Companion planting, growing various plant together or alone in your garden to repel insects help in enhancement in yield and fight from diseases.

The natural fragrance, aroma, colour of flowers, essential  oil etc. deter different bugs off from your garden. The Aroma of garlic have the tendency to deter bean battles and potato bug off from garden. Even the colour of some plants have the properties to confuse the direction of some insects and save the plants from their harmful impact.

Here’s a list of plants that should keep your garden a fun and vibrant place in season.


The scent of basil will discourage insects from getting them into your backyard. It mostly repel mosquitoes and flies. The essential oil obtained from basil can be also used to repel insects.


2.) Marigold

The aroma of marigold plant have the tendency to deter aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits. It has been scientifically proven that the roots of marigold repels nematodes.  Marigold is also helpful in repelling whiteflies from tomato plant, because it releases limonene, which slows down the population whiteflies.


3.)Lemon grass

Mosquitoes  won’t  stick around your backyard if you have Lemon grass growing. Citronella, a natural oil extracted from lemon grass is widely used as repellent for mosquitoes.



It add colour to your ward and repel mosquitoes and bugs. The essential oil from rosemary is used as natural pesticide to control pests.



Moths, flea and mosquitoes hate the flavour that many people love. Plant it in your backyard so that the scent wafts into your palace.



Best known for its health benefits as well as deter Japanese beetles, root maggots, root flies, moths etc. Plant it near your rose garden to deter aphids from eating rose petals.



It helping to keep you garden free from spiders, ants, and mosquitoes.  The sweet aroma of mint is unpleasant for various insects.



Sage has a pleasant smell like rosemary but it is unpleasant for some insects. Smoke released from burning dried leaves of sage  repel bug from the garden. Bug repellent pesticide is prepared from sage grasses.



It helps to keep away whiteflies, tomato horn worms, small whites, cabbage loppers, cabbage maggots and corn earworms



10.) Catnip

It is a member of mint family. Nepetalactone hormone released by catnip repels various insects like mosquitoes , flies, cockroaches, aphids etc. Oil extracted from catnip can be sprayed to control these insects in various plants.




Hope! These plants should help you to keep the insects out of your garden. Remember, insects-pests  are very clever, and they can find more defensive way to attack your garden. If you are finding that these plants aren’t  helping enough to deter insects, Let us know. Always remember the best way to bugs off from your garden is to prevent them from getting inside in the garden first. Happy gardening!





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