Top agribusiness idea

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. According to the report of agriculture census of 2011 approximately  61.5% people of India are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture sector for their livelihood. Out of  61.5%, 159 million people have farming households and 1300 million people are from rural area and dependent on agriculture. Agriculture industry shares a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 20.5% in Indian economy.

However, since 1950 GDP of agriculture sector has declined , that time GDP from agriculture sector would be about 50% but by the time passing infrastructure and service sector has become dominant over agriculture sector.

In this article, we will discuss about  top 15 agricultural business ideas in India that will help you to increase your income as well as GDP of agricultural industry.

Agriculture sector is the largest and fastest growing sector. There are innumerable  opportunities in this sector. Due to digitalization and mechanization, agricultural sector has changed the outlook. In the upcoming years there are huge opportunities in agriculture sector. All you moving in right direction that can take you further and change your lifestyle completely.

So, here is the list of hottest agriculture business ideas that can take you to the next higher.

1. Polyhouse farming

polyhouse farming

Polyhouse is a plastic covered house in which crops are cultivated in fully controlled environmental conditions. In this crops are grown under controlled conditions like temperature, relative humidity(RH) and fertigation are done with the help of fully automated mechanization.

Mainly imported varieties of vegetables are sown in polyhouse. Off seasonal and economically important crops are mainly cultivated that will bring you tremendous yield and huge profit.

It will cost you about 30 to 40 lakh to establish a naturally ventilated polyhouse in 1 acre. 50% of subsidy is provided by NHB (National Horticulture Board) on polyhouse manufacturing.

If proper maintenance and guidance of agronomist is taken care then one can easily earn 5-10 lakh Rs from one duration of a crop.

The most suitable crops for polyhouse farming are tomato, cucumber, colour capsicum, jerbera, Dutch rose, strawberry and many other flower crops and exotic vegetables.

2. Hydroponics farm setup/ Indoor gardening

 It is an era of modern farming. In India from last 5 years mechanization and digitalization has brought drastic changes in the way of farming. People from other sectors are moving to agricultural industries. But the question arise is that why people from other sectors are moving to agricultural industry. The main reason is that due to digitalization the sharing of information from one country or from one place to other has become very easy. People start learning new way of farming with the help of information technologies.

Hydroponics concept came in India from Israel. Within past 10 years lots of hydroponics farm has established.

Hydroponics is the cultivation of crops in a water based nutrient medium. It requires no soil. Hence, it is also called soil less farming.

It would cost you Rs 15 to 20 lakh to establish a greenhouse hydroponics farm in an area of 2000 meter square. However, beginners  can start it with a investment of Rs 20,000 to 50,000 from their home.

Often people are confused with these three terms vertical farming, Indoor gardening and hydroponics. When you practice hydroponics in multi layer then it is called multilayer or vertical farming. When you practice hydroponics at indoor controlled environment then it is called indoor gardening.

A controlled greenhouse hydroponics farm has a potential to generate 10 to 15 lakh per month.

The best suitable crops for hydroponics are lettuce, basil, tomato, capsicum, kale, mint, strawberry etc.

3. Plant tissue culture lab

Plant tissue culture laboratories has becoming popular to both commercial and private sectors. Just a few years ago, the tissue culture laboratories are limited to biotech companies and research labs but now a days we can see a diligent home grower are also propagating the plants from tissue culture media.

Tissue culture is artificial medium of cultivation new cells and tissues by transferring them into aseptic environment in a specially cultured nutrient media. Under the right environment, a single cell have a potential to generate a entire plants.

Tissue culture technique is mainly used for the production of high yielding varieties, diseases free plant and high quality planting materials.

To setup a tissue culture laboratory seems challenging because of high initial investment. It will costs you Rs 32.5 lakh to establish a tissue culture laboratory.

Only a well trained and experienced person can run a tissue culture laboratory.

Although, the initial investment is high to establish a tissue culture laboratory but income will be limitless.

4. Cold storage business

Cold storage business is one of the most profitable and long lasting income generating business. India is the second largest producer of vegetables and fruits in the world. India produces 260 million metric tons of fruits and vegetables annually. The irony of our country is that despite of so much production there would be nearly 5-15% of vegetables and fruits get wastage annually.

Fruits and vegetables are perishable commodities hence, it requires a optimum temperature and RH (Relative humidity) to increase it shelf life.

The main reason behind so much wastage of produce is the lack of cold storage infrastructure. So, it’s a big opportunity to people to start a cold storage business. It will provide long lasting and handsome profit.

Cold storage is mainly used for the storage of all vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, poultry, tobacco, beer etc.

The investment of a cold storage is mainly depends on cold storage unit scale. However a approx. investment to establish a 500 MT of cold storage will be in a range of 3 to 4 crores.

The profit from a cold storage is totally depends on its capacity of storage. A 500 MT of cold storage has a potential to generate 5 to 8 crore Rs. Do you think it is feasible with ordinary people?

5. Organic farming

Organic farming is a method of cultivation of crops without the using of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics.

Organically produced fruits and vegetables are of residue free. Organic vegetables are pure and highly recommended for its nutritious value and health benefits.

Now- a-days people are getting conscious about their food habits. There is a good marketplace for organic foods in India. One can sell your organic products e-commerce platform and also in retailstores.

6. Agri clinic

Agri clinic is a decentish  agri business in india. Agriclinic works for the improvement of farming in village level. You can provide paid services to the farmers.

It mainly deals with the soil testing, cropping practices, crop protection, post harvest technology, price of crops in market etc.

Interested people with diploma in agriculture science and applied subjects or bachelor in agriculture with at least 55% marks can apply for it and will be eligible to open it.

7. Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is one of the best alternative source of agribusiness. Mushroom  have fleshly and edible fruit bodies.

It is full of calories, fat, sodium, various proteins, carbohydrates etc. It contains a powerful antioxidant called selenium, helps to built up immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues.

Due to its great taste and nutritive content, its market value is very high. The cultivation of mushroom is not a difficult task, one can start this business from home. The initial investment for mushroom cultivation is low.

Button mushroom and oyster mushroom are mostly grown in India.

The price of mushroom ranges from 300 to 3000 Rs/kg. Now-a-days there is a big demand for mushrooms in hotel, restaurants and supermarket.

8. Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants

If you have enough land, then think of farming of medicinal and aromatic plants. If you have the basic knowledge of scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic farming, you can easily earn high profit from its cultivation. There are lots of herbal and pharmaceutical companies who provides contract based farming opportunity for farmers.

Following are best medicinal and aromatic plants you should cultivate for high profit:

?         Medicinal plants: Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Safed musli, Shatavari,  long pepper etc.

?         Aromatic plants: Mint, Lemon grass, Geranium, Vettiver, Dhavana etc.

Indian government also provides subsidy in medicinal and aromatic farming.

9. Dairy products

Dairy/milk industry is the second most demanding and growing sector after farming in the world.

The  demand of milk and milk products are never going to be end up. Its demand will always remain high. India is the largest producer and consumer of milk and milk products in the world. To start a dairy business you should have the need of two main things. First one is capital for investment and second one is expert suggestions and guidance.

If you do it with full potential and right market researches . You are going to get a good profit from this business.

10. Vermicomposting

Vermicompost are the organic manure which is produced by the digestion of organic matter by the earthworms activity.

Vermicompost helps in the improvement of soil health, water holding, soil structure and soil organic matter content of the soil. It also helps in the increment of crop yield.

In the last 5 years as the trend of organic farming has increased the demand of vermicompost  has also got increased.

In initial stage it does not need any specified area to start, you can start it from your backyard.

Proper market research is required to, sell product etc.

11. Fertilizer distribution business

It is a good business idea for people who are living in small cities and rural areas. In this business model you just have to buy agricultural products from big companies and sell it to the farmers at your local region.

You should have a particular shop and legal license to sell agricultural products.

12. Dry flower business

Dry flowers have a good demand in India and international markets. India is the largest producer and exporter of dry flowers in India.

Dry flowers are used to make photo frames, books, cards, frames, jute bags, sweets etc. It enhance the beauty of these products.

You should do proper marketing researches before staring this business because you are going to invest a heavy capital on it.

13. Plant nursery business

In plant nurseries the different varieties of plants are grown and sold. People are fond of planting different plants and trees in their garden. Farmers also need seedling to grow varieties of crops in their field. Not all plants are sown directly by seeds. Plant nursery business is never going to be end.

It requires  investment of about 1 lakh Rs to start a simple plant nursery but a controlled greenhouse plant nursery requires high investment. It will provide you passive income all around the season.

14. Silk reeling process business

India ranks 2nd position on silk production after china. In 2019, India produced 19,690 tons of silk that is very high quantity.

Following equipment are necessary to run this business: Bucket elevator, Reeling machine Twisting machine, water tank, pump boiler, packaging machine etc.

You need a capital investment of Rs 10 to 15 lakh. Profit depends on the quality of silk. Generally it sells around Rs 250 to 550/kg.

15. Fruit juice, jam and jelly production

Preparation of fruit jam and jelly is easy. Interested people can start it from home with a 100 feet square area.

The main ingredients required for it’s preparation is fruits, sugar, sodium benzoate, pectin powder and citric acid.

It requires  small machineries and packing materials. Before starting this business you should have to do proper marketing research and publicity.